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Tips for Renting with Pets

Searching for your perfect apartment can be challenging; this can be more challenging when you have a pet. If you plan and are flexible, finding a pet-friendly apartment shouldn’t be too hard. There are some things to keep in mind when searching for an apartment with a pet, use these helpful tips for renting an apartment with a pet. Even if you don’t have a pet when you move into an apartment, it is beneficial to know all of the apartment’s pet policies if you decide you want to get a pet during your lease.

Find a Pet-Friendly Apartment Community

When searching for apartments in your area, you should look for ones that advertise themselves as being pet-friendly. You could also try contacting your local Humane Society or animal shelter to see if they know of any apartments in the area that are going to be pet-friendly. Some luxury apartment communities will also offer amenities specifically tailored for your pets. Even if an apartment community doesn’t advertise having pet amenities, you may be able to find an apartment near a dog park or in an area that is walkable.

Consider Short-Term Options

If you have decided to adopt a pet and your current apartment building will not allow pets, you may be able to place your pet in a kennel while you search for a new apartment. You can also ask if a friend will watch your pet for you or try finding a short-term pet-friendly rental option until you can find something more long-term.

Don’t Keep it a Secret

If you decide to get a pet at your current apartment, be sure to check with your landlord or rental management before you bring a pet home. You need to find out what kind of pets are allowed if there are any fees you need to pay or anything else you need to know about getting a pet. Failing to talk to your landlord or rental management company before you bring it home could result in you and your pet getting evicted.

Provide a Pet Resume

You can give your landlord all of the information they need about your pet with a pet resume. This includes information about the pet’s breed, weight, age, and if it’s been spayed or neutered, and if it has been housetrained. You should retain the proof of vaccinations from your pet vet and any training certificates your pet may have received. If you have references from previous landlords regarding your pet, it will be helpful to include these.

Read the Pet Clause

Before you sign any lease, be sure you understand any and all rules regarding pets. Know if there is a pet deposit or an extra monthly fee you will have to pay to have a pet in your apartment. Reading this carefully at the beginning of your lease will save you a headache halfway through when you want to get a pet.

Keep Your Pet Happy

Keeping your pet happy is vital in making sure that it is a well-behaved pet. Take your dog for regular walks or out to play if you are away at work all day. This will help your animal release extra energy and behave better in the house while you’re away. To help keep your pet occupied will you go to work, you should give it toys or maybe take it to daycare for pets or hire a dog walker.

Pet-Proof Your Apartment

Pet proofing your apartment will help keep your things nicer and help ensure you get your security deposit back. You should invest in pet gates to help keep your pet out of any rooms you don’t want them in. Also, provide adequate toys for your pet, so they do not get bored and start chewing up your furniture. Keep your pet’s food and water in an area that’s easy to clean, such as the kitchen.

Be a Good Pet Neighbor

Part of having a pet in an apartment community is knowing how to be a good pet neighbor. You should always pick up after your pet and keep it on a leash when you go out. Train your pet so that it does not bark or make excessive noise. Doing these simple things will help keep your pet and your neighbors happy.

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